Represent is a recruitment agency and design career service matching Visual Designers and Design Managers with Design Studios. If you would like to work with Represent please see the contact list below.

Part of our work involves working with undergraduate Graphic Design students at universities and art schools up and down the country and Europe. This generally takes the shape of portfolio surgeries and inspirational talks on how to find work. If you are a Design Lecturer and would like to hear more please email

We also offer portfolio surgeries once a month, giving Designers advice on how to make their presentation more effective. If you would like to hear more please email

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The world of digital design is one of the most exciting, fast-moving and important sectors of the creative industries. In February 2015, Represent is exploring this world, through profiles of some of the most interesting international practitioners and features reflecting prevalent themes and ongoing digital design discussions. If you would like to talk to Represent about our digital offer, please contact our Digital Recruitment Consultant Thomas Boswell.

Over the past two years, Represent have looked at what design studios look for in potential employees (the Ideal Candidate) and what creates a vibrant working environment (The Ideal Studio). This year the project explores the most crucial working relationship of all. A range of industry professionals will share their insights into what makes for a fulfilling, harmonious and creative dynamic; in short, what makes the Ideal Client?

In 2012 Represent looked at what designers can do to help themselves stand out in an increasingly crowded job market – asking studios what they wanted to see from would be recruits. In 2013 we turned the tables and looked into what makes a really stimulating creative environment. We asked studio founders, creative directors, freelancers and consultants which factors combine to create the perfect workplace. From chairs to lighting, management structure to client relations, philosophy to free pilates, they all provided some real food for thought.

Simply having a great portfolio isn't enough to secure you your perfect position. Studios are looking for more than just evidence of excellent design work they're employing a person, and who you are, your approach and how you put that across is just as important as what you've done.

Represent asked some of today's leading studios to share with us what they are looking for in a prospective employee, what makes them tick, and what you can do to make sure that you're their ideal candidate...