Represent University Outreach Programme: Empowering Graduates for Success

Illustration: Jhon Boy

At Represent, our University Outreach Programme is dedicated to enriching the journey of 2nd and 3rd year graphic design students. We're here to offer a helping hand, giving them the insights and skills they need to step confidently into the creative industries.

Our engagement not only enriches the student experience but also extends to collaborating with tutors. By sharing practical knowledge and confidence-boosting strategies, we're dedicated to equipping students with the tools they need for a successful and thriving career ahead.

We've had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious institutions including Bath Spa University, Camberwell, Kingston University, University of Brighton, Ravensbourne, St. Martins, LCC, Manchester Metropolitan University, Norwich University of The Arts, and the RCA. Our programme has consistently received high praise from both students and tutors for its significant impact and value.

James from Represent has been a great source of practical advice and industry-focused insights for the Graphic Design students at the University of Brighton. Represent have provided engaging professional practice talks, portfolio reviews, and participated in panel discussions – showing their commitment and dedication to fostering emerging graphic designers.

Katie Evans, Lecturer, Graphic Design Visual Communication, University of Brighton School of Art and Media

​​Represent has been responsive to my students, offering invaluable advice for entering the creative industries. Their connections with renowned industry partners provide them with the latest insights, enabling them to guide students in leveraging their qualifications and skills for diverse career paths. After sessions with Represent, students are energised and motivated, with a clear focus on portfolio development and skill enhancement. Partners like Represent are essential for a comprehensive educational experience.

Darren Raven, MA (RCA), Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design & Art Direction and Illustration, Manchester School of Art

Represent have been amazingly supportive of the BA Graphic Design at Kingston over the years. Their generosity of industry insight is now a valuable part of our final year programme. As well as collaborating with us on projects exploring diversity in design, their portfolio and design pathways sessions boost confidence and provide contemporary advice for our students right when they need it most. Whether online or on-campus sessions, James and Mike's energy and expertise always receives really positive feedback. Our students go on to do exceptionally well in the industry - most certainly because of Represent’s advice and input. They are our favourites!

Linda Byrne, MA FHEA, Senior Lecturer, 3rd year Graphic Design, Kingston School of Art

Our collaboration with top educational institutions has been a cornerstone of our mission to nurture emerging creative talents. If you're a tutor looking to enhance your students' experience with industry insights, please contact to discuss booking a session.

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